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Facts muddled in New Hampshire debate over destroying guns

CONCORD, New Hampshire — A discussion about destroying guns provoked strong emotions Tuesday at a public hearing where both sides stumbled over the facts.

The House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee heard testimony on a bill that would allow state agencies to destroy weapons voluntarily surrendered by the public. Current law prohibits state police and other state agencies from operating such programs and instead requires them to sell such firearms at auction or keep them for their own use.

Judge considering if NH white nationalist poses flight risk

CONCORD, New Hampshire — A white nationalist from New Hampshire will remain in jail pending a federal judge’s decision on whether he poses a flight risk or a danger to the community.

Christopher Cantwell, who rose to prominence in 2017 after a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, pleaded not guilty in January to federal charges that he threatened to rape the wife of an unidentified man if the person did not provide him with information about someone else.

Mike Bloomberg is the best Democratic candidate to beat Trump

I’ve spent 43 years of my adult life serving our nation and state beginning with my commissioning from the ROTC Program at the University of Maine, serving in Vietnam and concluding as the adjutant general of the Maine National Guard.

It has been eight years since my retirement, and I now feel I have an obligation to serve again.

Postal service unveils Maine bicentennial stamp featuring Edward Hopper painting

The U.S. Postal Service on Wednesday unveiled the design for its 2020 Maine Bicentennial stamp, which will be dedicated on Statehood Day on March 15.

The stamp depicts Edward Hopper’s 1914 painting “Sea at Ogunquit,” and was designed by USPS art director Derry Noyes. Another Hopper painting, “The Lighthouse at Two Lights, Maine,” was also used in 1970 for a stamp commemorating the state’s 150th anniversary.

Invasive crazy worms are snaking their way across Maine

As Maine’s state horticulturist, Gary Fish is no stranger to calls from people reporting observations and asking questions about pests they have found on their property. But a call from a Patten resident last week about Asian crazy worms (Amynthas agrestis) really got his attention.

“I got the call from this person who has had [crazy worms] on his land for about five years,” Fish said. “But this time it appears he had gotten them with a load of manure.”

Write in William Weld to send a message to the Republican Party

Bipartisanship in Congress has vanished as American democracy in the days of Donald Trump has suffered a dramatic collision of polarized political division. But it was not always that way.

In 1986, despite the same 47-53 minority as today, Democratic senators proposed a sweeping set of sanctions to press for real change in the white minority government of South Africa, then a pariah on the world stage.

Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020: Vaccines and diseases, protecting the right to organize, restoring sovereign rights of Maine tribes

Vaccines and diseases

Oh, measles, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The heat, the unrest of fever, the bright redness of face and everything else, the eyes, poor eyes, so hot. The bed. The blinds drawn down, strictly, over the windows. A darkened room. Might go blind.

Bernie Sanders makes bold play to win primary on Warren’s home turf

WASHINGTON — As the South Carolina primary unfolds Saturday, Bernie Sanders won’t be hustling for last-minute votes in Charleston or courting party elders in the state capital of Columbia. Rather, he’ll be invading Elizabeth Warren’s home turf.

The Vermont senator is holding a noon rally on Boston Common, mere miles from Warren’s home in Cambridge, near the campus of Harvard University. And that’s after spending the night before in her home state, too, rallying at an exhibition hall in Springfield, Massachusetts.