Permission denied updating global gitconfig on Windows 7

Windows 7

$ git config --system core.longpaths true

error: could not write config file C:/Program Files/Git/mingw64/etc/gitconfig: Permission denied

Edit properties of etc folder in path above

Grant Full control to Users

Now the git config should work

You may need to apply the longpath config change globally to clone a project that has long paths


View SSL certificate thumbprint / fingerprint / serial number

Assume you've just installed your certificate from LetsEncrypt and you want to verify that the thumbprint you see in your browser matches the value in the certificate itself.

Note that certificate thumbprint, fingerprint and serial number are all the same thing.

From the browser, we can see that the cert is using sha1 for the thumbprint.


The path to the cert provided by LetsEncrypt would be something like

McAfee virus

My laptop came pre-installed with a trial version of McAfee anti-virus software. Since my employer got hit with the qbot trojan I was concerned that it might have spread to my personal laptop so I decided to refresh it, which brought back all the pre-installed software including McAfee. In light of the qbot incident I decided to leave McAfee alone this time.

After a couple days I opened my laptop and wanted to work on a project. After 10 minutes waiting for the machine to become usable, watching Task manager and all of the McAfee processes, I decided this wasn't working out.


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