Outlook client in Windows 10 uses IE 11 as default browser? Really?

I just ran Outlook for the first time. I always use the web-based version of Outlook because it just works.

But I needed to test an HTML email in Outlook.

I was amazed how badly my email looked and how much had been stripped out by a program running in Windows 10 in 2019.

I clicked the notice telling me the email might look better if I view it in a web browser. It opened IE 11. 

There are no words.

Display Drupal views columns vertically

Let’s say you have a views of volleyball teams like so:

Each row is an age bracket and each column is a team. But you want to see this vertically so the first column would have 10-1 and 10-2 beneath it, and the second column would be 11-1, 11-2, etc.

How do you achieve this in Views?

First, use a Grid format. That’s fairly obvious. You don’t have to use Responsive Grid Views, but you can.

Style the Glazed theme header menu

If you want a header menu that changes (typically reduces in height) after scrolling, use the Sticky header option under Header and main menu / Top header options.

If want want the background of your sticky header to be opaque, you’ll have to go with the Overlay header style. The sticky background opacity doesn’t seem to be set otherwise.

Before scrolling, the header menu looks like this:


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