Install tomcat in Windows 10 and add to Eclipse

Download a specific or latest version.

Grab the zip file since there's no installer.

Unzip it where you place your extra programs, e.g., D:/Programs, so that you have something like


As there is no installation, you'll tell the program using tomcat where it is installed.


Once upon a time ( was a good place to purchase a domain. Over time, though, their price just went up and their support went down. The support is so low that I’m not sure there’s even anyone living running the business anymore. Given how bad the support is, its very strange that their price just kept going up. Perhaps an inheritor who doesn’t understand or care about the business is now just trying to squeeze it for all he can.

At the time of this writing domains with dnbuy are $25 a year.

You can transfer them easily to for $14 a year.

Drupal 8 add class to content

In Drupal 8, here is a way to add a class to the content and not the entire node type.

Turn on twig debug to find template names.

Go to your theme / templates folder

Edit node.html.twig.

Wrap the article tag with a blog so you can override it in an child template.

{% block article %}
<article{{ attributes.addClass(classes) }}>
{% endblock %}

Edit your child template that extends node.html.twig.

Add classes using merge.



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