Data collected by ExactTarget

ExactTarget provides e-mail marketing software and solutions for businesses. It “delivers on-demand email software solutions for permission-based email marketing.” It’s parent is

Their unsubscribe mechanism also displays all of the data they collect.

This is interesting because it reveals the information markerters want to know about us.

So, what is the data?

Span 3PlaneSoft wallpaper animation across multiple displays

3Planesoft makes very enjoyable wallpaper animations (live wallpapers).

To date, though, they do not offer an option to span displays. Other live wallpapers, like Beautiful Space from PUSH, do.

If you have an Nvidia card connected to multiple monitors, here is how you can work around that limitation.

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel. Select Configure Surround, PhysX. Click Span displays and follow the prompts.


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