Trigger a rule using a webform

In Drupal 7, to trigger a Rule using a Webform, create a webform with a markform component, perhaps named help, with the instructions for what submitting this form does.


Click Refresh to refresh the data on this screen.

Change the submit button label to Refresh.

In addition to the help markup component, you must add a field to be submitted. Webforms that only have text components will not be submitted. This makes testing your rule very annoying.

Add a hidden component, perhaps named Dummy with default value "Refreshing..."

SSH secure shell tunnel

Quite often SSH Secure Shell will crash when updating a connection profile.

I’ve never figured out why it crashes. Eventually it stops crashing. But until then, the only work-around I’ve found is to edit the connection profile manually.


The profiles are stored in



The tunneling sections look like this.

Drupal 8 block caching when block is from a View

My simple list block in Drupal 8 was showing the same list of contents even though Permissions by Term should have limited it. Another block of the same data was working correctly and it showed the filtered list.

I researched Drupal 8 block caching solutions and they all required custom code.

This particular block came from a View. I checked the advanced settings for the block in the View editor and saw the Caching option.


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