Outlook client in Windows 10 uses IE 11 as default browser? Really?

I just ran Outlook for the first time. I always use the web-based version of Outlook because it just works.

But I needed to test an HTML email in Outlook.

I was amazed how badly my email looked and how much had been stripped out by a program running in Windows 10 in 2019.

I clicked the notice telling me the email might look better if I view it in a web browser. It opened IE 11. 

There are no words.

Adding a Drupal 8 Glazed subtheme


The theme, then appears at the bottom of your themes page as 

THEMETITLE 8.x-1.1.4
Use this STARTERKIT example if you need to build extra css files and templates on top of Glazed Theme.

I had two identical entries since I had copied the subtheme as in the instructions. I couldn’t tell which was the original and which was my copy.

Display Drupal views columns vertically

Let’s say you have a views of volleyball teams like so:

Each row is an age bracket and each column is a team. But you want to see this vertically so the first column would have 10-1 and 10-2 beneath it, and the second column would be 11-1, 11-2, etc.

How do you achieve this in Views?

First, use a Grid format. That’s fairly obvious. You don’t have to use Responsive Grid Views, but you can.


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