Word and other programs suddenly not working

After a failed install of the game ABZU through Steam, I was unable to run MS Word.

When I ran Word, the error said I needed to install the MSVC run time. Odd.

I was getting essentially the same message when I tried to run ABZU.

I removed ABZU and redownloaded. This did not help. Same error.

I googled the issue and found a page talking about installing the runtime.


This lead me to 


where I could download a zip file that Windows was sure contained bad actors. Once the malware checker finally released it, I noticed it contained confusing install files. This did not seem like the right path.

I found another page saying to first remove the current msvc rt 2015 and install using the msu file in the offensive zip file.


I when to Control Panel to remove msvc 2015 and noticed I could instead repair it. Having never repaired an install in my life, I gave it a go.

It worked! 


And I did not have to try the confusing msu file which was a great bonus.