The US could see more deaths than WWII. It's time to deploy the military to hospitals | Nick Obradovich, Robyn Migliorini and Renee C Wurth

America has the strongest military in the world. We need to put it to use

We are at war against the coronavirus. If we don’t act rapidly, we’re approaching a US death toll larger than that of the two world wars combined. To fight an invisible army, we need to be creative. We must deploy the full might of the US military – in an unconventional way.

Unlike most wars, this time the frontlines are staffed by our nation’s healthcare workers. And while they’re fighting valiantly so far, the battle to flatten the curve is leaving them overrun.

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We don’t need to militarize our hospitals. But our hospitals will need help from our military

Nick Obradovich is a PhD political and data scientist who trained at UCSD, the Harvard Kennedy School, and the MIT Media Lab. He is currently senior research scientist at the Max Planck Institute of Human Development in the Center for Humans & Machines. Robyn Migliorini is a PhD neuropsychologist who trained at SDSU/UCSD and Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General hospital and has served America’s veterans at multiple Veterans Affairs hospitals. Renee C Wurth is a PhD population health scientist who trained at Northeastern and the TH Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University

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