Trump 'unhappy' with new shutdown deal – live updates

Senator Susan Collins, a Republican who is up for re-election in 2020, defended her vote for controversial supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh after he dissented from a decision to put an abortion law on hold in Louisiana.

“I have always been concerned about preserving Roe v. Wade” Collins told CNN recently.

Yahoo is out with a new story building on a spate of stories that allege senator and now-presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar created a toxic work environment for staff in her Washington office.

The story includes an explanation of why so many former staffers are afraid to go on the record with reporters.

Speaking out could lead to retribution from Klobuchar, should she be able to identify them. She has been known to grow irate at staffers who find work elsewhere, calling their new employers to have the offers rescinded. The practice, which three former staffers for Klobuchar described and one other Capitol Hill veteran confirmed, was seen as vindictive, mystifying and counterproductive. It was also a sign of how far Klobuchar would go to punish those who she thought betrayed her.

Amy Klobuchar has tried to have job offers rescinded when her staffers attempt to jump ship. New from @alexnazaryan.

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