Style the Glazed theme header menu

If you want a header menu that changes (typically reduces in height) after scrolling, use the Sticky header option under Header and main menu / Top header options.

If want want the background of your sticky header to be opaque, you’ll have to go with the Overlay header style. The sticky background opacity doesn’t seem to be set otherwise.

Before scrolling, the header menu looks like this:

And when scrolled it looks like so:

Note that the Overlay style seems to include an odd top positioning. Perhaps making room for an additional menu? If there’s a setting for this I cannot find it. You can remove it easily enough with custom CSS.

Something like:

.body--glazed-nav-desktop .glazed-header--top.glazed-header--overlay {
    top : 0;

Check the page of course. The theme may have changed since this was written.

Side menu

If you go with a side menu, it looks like this, ala Google sites.