So what is Jake Tapper doing by telling us about the prisoner executed in Alabama so close to abortion ban?

It’s not a new argument, and we’ve most recently seen Linda Sarsour resurrect it after Alabama’s governor signed the state’s new Human Rights Protection Act; how can you claim to be pro-life if you’re also pro-death penalty?

Plenty stepped up to give her the correct answer to that question, plus, she also learned that a lot of conservatives oppose the death penalty. What she’ll never answer, though, is the antithesis to her own question: how can you oppose the death penalty but be pro-abortion?

A lot of news outlets shared their hot takes on the governor presiding over an execution so soon after signing an anti-abortion bill into law. Here’s the Los Angeles Times’ take, for one:

On Saturday, Jake Tapper stepped in to give a little bit more detail about the prisoner who was executed and why:

I thought some facts about the case and a moment for the victims was worth 5 tweets.”


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He’s honoring the victims. Everyone is using the execution to try and expose hypocrisy which is their right, but if this example is going to be used, at least remember who was impacted. And I’m anti death penalty


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