Send HTML newsletters in Drupal 7 with the HTMLMail module

In this corresponding article install Drupal 7.

Then, install the required modules for HTMLMail.

cd sites/all//modules

drush dl mailsystem

drush dl htmlmail

drush dl simplenews

sudo chgrp -R www-data .

Enable the modules and congfiure HTML Mail.

Send a test message with HTML Mail making sure the Text format is Full HTML and the sending class is HTMLMailSystem.

Verify the received email is HTML.

In Mail System settings, make sure the HTML mail class is HTMLMailSystem.

Configure Newsletters to send HTML as in the previous article.

Create a newsletter with HTML content and the Text format set to Full HTML.

Send it to the test address. You will see a confirmation that it is sent.

Verify that the received email is HTML.

Is it not.

In Mail System settings, set the default class to HTMLMailSystem.

Send the newsletter to the test address.

Check recent log messages for errors.

Verify the received email is HTML.

And now it is.

HTML Mail recommends installing the Echo module to allow your email to match your site’s theme. Do so.

Send the newsletter to the test address.The results are a bit confusing.

Discussion here.


Both modules work to send newsletters as HTML. Even though HTML Mail offers the potential for custom themeing, it doesn’t appear to be functional or requires too much time to get working.

Use Mime Mail instead.