Relocate Mandelbulb 3D window back on screen

If your Mandelbulb 3D window is on a second monitor and you’re viewing through a remote desktop, moving it back onto the main display is very difficult.

Click the program in the Task bar so it has focus. 


Press Alt-Space and then arrow down twice and press Return.

This should allow you to move the window using the arrow keys, or possibly drag with the mouse.

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you are using Chrome Remote Desktop, you cannot send the Alt-Space sequence to the remote desktop. You must use a key mapping.

In the sidebar options, click Configure key mappings.

Map F1 to Space

Now pressing Alt-F1 will send an Alt-Space to the remote session. This trick here is to use an Alt-sequence that isn’t already in use by your host session.

When you press Alt-F1 and Mandelbulb has focus, its context menu will appear.

Click Move and then press the arrow key in the direction that will bring the window back on screen. Press Return when finished moving.

You can then easily select Move and relocate the window. Note that you may have to repeat this three times for each of Mandelbulb’s windows.