No rows, just planning for Opening Ceremony

There’s been a minor flurry in the past 24 hours about commentary for the Opening Ceremony based on a misleading story in a newspaper.

So here for the record is the true position.

We’ve been working with the Olympic organisers at Locog for literally years on the ceremony planning.

It’s emphatically their ceremony and Danny Boyle’s creative vision, with the main television coverage from a global feed and not filmed by the BBC.

But we’ve wanted to support them to the best of our ability - hence the special films we’ve made and a range of logistical help behind the scenes.

On commentary we initially felt it would be influenced by two factors. First, there’s a particularly strong soundtrack in the stadium.

And also Locog originally planned to talk more about the big themes of the ceremony ahead of time than has actually been the case.

So what we’ve been doing in recent weeks is meeting with Danny Boyle to talk through how this will work in practice.

Huw Edwards, the team and I have a great relationship with Danny; and he’s told us that in planning the ceremony he’s sometimes thought about what Huw might say at what point.

Understanding this is key to making the ceremony work for television viewers - and though the ceremony is Locog’s and the commentary is ours, it’s massively better if we get into the director’s mind and see what he’s trying to achieve.

We can also work out where the gaps are where comment is appropriate, and where the music should not be interrupted.

So disappointingly for anyone looking for rows, there haven’t been any: just sensible planning and working together for the benefit of our respective audiences.