Install glazed demo manually

Log in to your Sooper Themes account and download a demo

Unzip the demo to the destination folder

cd /var/www/glazed-demo-basic
unzip ~/glazed/demo/ .
sudo chgrp -R www-data .

Update projects

composer update --dry-run
composer update

Set up apache for the new site. The glaze demo is a bit different from a typical Drupal 8 install since the Drupal folder and the Composer folder are the same.

<VirtualHost *:80>
  DocumentRoot /var/www/glazed-demo-basic

  ErrorLog  ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/site_glaze-basic.http.error_log
  CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/site_glaze-basic.http.access_log combined

  <Directory /var/www/glazed-demo-basic>
    AllowOverride ALL

    Require all granted

    #Require ip 192.168


Restart apache to apply the changes. 

sudo service apache2 restart

Add the domain to the local hosts file if required.

Go to the new site to begin the install.

Should see the setup screen

Fix any issues

When you get to the database screen, create the database in PHPMyAdmin


Paste the details from PHPMyAdmin into the Drupal screen.

Finish by adding the demo data


If the install fails, clear the configurations made to the end of settings.php (database and sync folder).

Delete the database.

Repeat the install by going to the site URL

Repeat the install and correct any errors reported. The install could fail because of file permission issues. Or because a composer-managed project is out of date.