Glazed theme layout settings

If you want your layout to fill the screen with no side borders, set Content max-width to highest value and Container space to 0.


Boxed puts all content in a centered strip.

Looks like an email format to me.

If you want a "boxed" layout for you content, but want background images to be able to be full width, set your Container space high to provide the side margins you're after.

Make your content type (e.g., Basic page) full width.

You'll have full width sections with spacious margins.

The same can be achieved by setting the Content region to be full width instead of the content type (assuming your content is in the Content region of course).

Note that the Full width regions help text references the Layout max-width settings, which is removed in Glazed theme 8.1.5.

Full width content regions have 2 use cases: creating blocks that span across the whole browser and creating layouts with full screen backgrounds within your content. If you want all content to be full width, don't use these settings but instead set the "Layout Max-width" setting to the maximum value.

The Glazed documentation does not mention this setting, so it was clearly on the way out. If you relied on it, you'll have to learn the new way to get the side margins.