Experian customer service number

So, you need help logging in to your Experian.com account.

The Contact Us page directs you to 479-343-6239.

Unfortunately, that number is a menu tree that’s essentially the same as the website. If the issue you have is that you don’t have access to the email address associated with your account, then neither the website nor that number will help, and there is no option to speak to a person on that number.


On the login, click Forgot password. You are prompted for security questions.

Assuming you don’t know those either, you’ll get this page

And now there’s a number with real people behind it.

Experian.com customer service: 866-617-1894

Just explain to the very friendly Customer Care representative that you’re trying to recover your Experian.com account and they will direct you accordingly.


Yesterday the 866 number worked to connect me to a human being. Today is takes me to the menu tree as does the 479 number.

Then, when I tried to log in and clicked Forgot password, I got this message saying my account is locked with a new phone number.

The new number, 844-811-3552 also takes me to the menu tree. There is no option to correct the locked account.

I found this on a “Number for live person” website.

However, the 877-284-7942 number also took me to the same menu tree with unhelpful options. No live person. The menu has changed since the post. There is no option 3 for general questions.


This looks promising