Adding GoDaddy email forwards

Domain name registration typically includes email forwarding for free. Pretty common. GoDaddy is no exception. However, the effort required to figure out how to enable forwarding at GoDaddy is nothing short of Herculean. There is no shortage of very venomous discussion about this on GoDaddy’s forums and elsewhere. Lots of frustration. But very little actual help.

Every GoDaddy domain comes with 100 email forwards for free. But getting to them is another story altogether. Here, I will outline the steps required to enable email forwards for your GoDaddy domains. This article is not about setting up email accounts. If you need a free email account use GMail or Outlook. GoDaddy doesn’t offer free email accounts (though they may have in the past).

My Products

First, click on My products on the account menu in the upper right.


You should see your list of Domains. Click Additional products to expand it.

Additional Products

In the Additional products section you should see Email forwarding. Click Redeem.

Email forwarding

In the Email forwarding popup, select the domain you want and click Redeem credit.

Note that the first time you set up email forwarding for a domain in your GoDaddy account, you will see a note telling you it will take a bit of time. It will. It will seem like nothing is happening and GoDaddy is jerking your chain. Just give it a bit.

Workspace email

Eventually on your My products page you will see Workspace email. Note that Workspace email doesn’t appear until you’ve set up email forwarding for at least one domain.


Expand Workspace email and you will see the domains you have setup for email forwarding. Click Options to add forwards. Do not click Sign in. Sign in just takes you in a bad direction. Don’t go there.

When you click Options, the Email forwarding popup appears. Click Launch control center.

In the Control center, you should see the domains you have set up for email forwarding. Select Create forward to add a forward.

The Forward email popup appears. Enter the email address for your GoDaddy registered domain you want to forward and the email you want it to go to.

The table following is from GoDaddy’s explanation of the Forward email popup. The problem with their page is it assumes Workspace email is already visible and so, provides no guidance on revealing it.

Field What to do…
Forward this email address: Enter the email address you want to create. After you type @, you will be able to select any domain in your account.
To these email addresses: Enter the email addresses you want to receive the forwarded email. You can enter multiple addresses, but they must collectively fit the 250 character limit for this field.
Plan Select the forwarding plan you want to use.
Catch-all Select this option if you want this address to receive email sent to addresses at your domain name that do not exist.
Enable auto reply Select this option, and fill out the additional fields, if you want to send an automatic reply to everyone who sends email to this address.

That’s it!

It takes a bit, like most GoDaddy operations, for the forward to become live. I found it took maybe 30 seconds. Mail sent to the forward showed up in about a minute. Not super fast. But it works.

Side note: DNBuy.Net offers email forwarding and it take like no seconds to add them. Slightly more expensive than GoDaddy, but given that their site doesn’t try to confuse you into purchasing email accounts, might be worth it. Also, their forwards seem to be live quicker.

MX records

If you determine you need to set MX records for your GoDaddy domain or you have set them to custom values and need to revert to the default so the GoDaddy handles you email, Joe Martin says these should get you going:

0 –
10 –