Fix Drupal grid format views template for better group title styling

The Drupal Views grid format displays group titles using the <h3> tag.

The element is not classed so adding CSS is oddly difficult given how well Drupal content is structured.

The real problem, though, is the h3 element is not inside the div it’s associated with. This makes very common styling requirements impossible. For instance, you migth want the values to appear in a column with the h3 group title on top. You cannot do this with the default layout.

The solution is to move the h3 down “one line.”

Debug Drupal print view

Let’s say you’ve added the Lexicon module and now your page, when printed, includes lots of URLs in parentheses following links in your copy.

Quite annoying really.

How do you find out what classes might be associated with these links so that you can hide them using the print.css file?

The answer has nothing to do with Drupal.

You need to force the browser, let’s say Chrome, into print emulation mode.

Open Developer Tools.

Press Control-Shift-P. Enter rendering and select Show rendering.

Outlook client in Windows 10 uses IE 11 as default browser? Really?

I just ran Outlook for the first time. I always use the web-based version of Outlook because it just works.

But I needed to test an HTML email in Outlook.

I was amazed how badly my email looked and how much had been stripped out by a program running in Windows 10 in 2019.

I clicked the notice telling me the email might look better if I view it in a web browser. It opened IE 11. 

There are no words.


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