Because Snowball Was Taken

If you are setting up a new computer, you might need to copy your Secure Shell Client (SSH) settings from your current machine to your name one. Here’s how.

On the source machine browse to your Application Data folder. The simplest way to do this is to type %appdata% (with the percent signs) in a run prompt. Windows will interpret this and take you to Application Data / Roaming.

Drupal 7.27

I noticed that the taxonomy field I just added to my content type wasn’t showing up when I looked at the node. I turned Display Suite on and used it to manage the display and verified that the field was indeed present. When I turned Display Suite back off, the field disappeared.

Drupal 7 with an Artisteer theme.

To get page templates per content type, add these lines to your preprocess_page hook in the drupal7_theme_methods-custom.php file.

In Drupal 7, the user created field is shown as the Member for field on the profile page. It looks like

And in Account settings, you see it is annoyingly not configurable

Without modifying templates or writing a custom module, I’d like to format this field (mainly to get rid of the History heading).

The 2014 SOAR play was 9 Apr 2014 at 7:00PM in the Wayne High School auditorium. It was produced by Mrs. Ashcraft and Mrs. Black.

Here are some pictures from the Huber Heights City Schools 2014 SOAR Play, performed in the auditorium at Wayne High School.


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